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Sponsorship Opportunities


The FRAA has been fortunate this year to bring together a group of 11 players and fine young men to represent our association and community at the 2018 Cooperstown, NY baseball tournament. These boys have been playing together since they were 7 years old and the summer of 2018 at Cooperstown is something that they have all been working towards as the pinnacle of their FRAA experience. It is our job as coaches and parents to prepare these players over the next 12 months for this tournament and to make this experience one they will remember for many years. In order to reach our goals for the team we do need to raise significant money to cover items that will be described below and are hopeful that after reading this you will be able to participate and be recognized as part of our team for 2018.

The players will be working and training very hard over the next 12 months to prepare for the 2018 Cooperstown Tournament. This week long tournament next summer affords these children a fantastic opportunity to work and expand on their baseball skills, as they compete against a wide variety of players & teams with similar abilities and passion for the great game of baseball. More importantly, it affords all of these young athletes a chance to learn and grow as young men, and is instrumental in developing important values such as hard work, positive attitudes, teamwork, and sportsmanship. We are confident that these character traits will remain with them long beyond their time on the field.

The Cooperstown trip is a tremendous financial undertaking and commitment for us all this season. All of the families involved must make substantial sacrifices of their time and finances, in order to provide this opportunity for their children. In an effort to make this experience as memorable and affordable as possible, we reach out to ask for your help and support. We humbly ask if you would be kind enough to help the FRAA 2018 Cooperstown Team with a donation to help support our efforts.

Please see the attached link (Sponsorship Form) which will show you the available opportunities to support the team!