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Tryout schedule is as follows:                                      

3rd/4th Girls- 10/15   6-7:30pm  

5th Girls-10/15   7:30-9pm                                

6th Girls-10/17   7:30-9pm

3rd Boys-10/16   6-7:30pm                            

4th Boys-10/16   7:30-9pm

5th Boys-10/17   6-7:30pm  

6th Boys- 10/18   6-7:30pm

*Please have your child bring a water/drink to the tryout as we will be going for 1-1/2 hours.  

*Please bring a basketball for your child to use throughout the tryout. (please put your name on the ball)

*No previous years travel or AAU uniforms

*This is a closed gym tryout.  You may drop your child off or hang out in the lobby while the tryout is in progress.